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Inside The Members Area

by admin1 on January 1, 2013

I thought you could use a video overview of the members area inside The Abundance Code so here it is:

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The Abundance Code Review

by admin1 on December 30, 2012

There are three main points that caught my attention when I checked the official website of The Abundance Code:

  • “Attract anything you want including Money Health Love, No Ninja mind skills and No years of practice needed”
  • “Achieve a major life-changing goal within 21 days flat.”
  • “Find out what burned up newspapers and YOU attracting abundance in your life have in common”
The Abundance Code

The Abundance Code

When you take a look at Mike Evans’ bio and achievements, you instantly realize that he isn’t your average Joe. And that’s why inclined me to listen to him in the first place.

Here are some of what I consider achievements:

  • Write a best selling Book on meditation
  •  Appear in 3 distinct Films (one of which was “The Last Party” with Robert Downey Jr.)
  •  Work in the White House for the president
  •  Meet once one-on-one with the Dalai Lama

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Mike Evans with Dalai Lama

Mike Evans with Dalai Lama

The system that allowed Mike to reach this status is a 5-step process:

Step1: Define Exactly What You want
This is crucial. In fact, it’s the most important step in the whole system. You absolutely need a crystal clear vision to make things happen and get the rest of the process to flow.

Step2: Activate Your Desire with Powerful Clear Emotions
In this step you will learn how to firmly attach passion to your goal, while in a relaxed and focused state of mind. This will skyrocket your success.

Step3:Visualize Your Goal with Vivid Precision
It’s extremely important to see your goal as if you’ve already achieved it. This propels you to effortlessly take the correct actions to create your new reality.

Step4: Take Daily Inspired Action
A personalized plan filled with daily passion excites and affirms your commitment to make your vision a reality.

Step5: Make Course Corrections
It’s important to keep a laser focus but adjust when necessary to bring your new life into reality.

These steps make sense once you learn about them. The hard part was coming up with the system in the first place. The harder part is applying these steps and committing to them. And that’s where Mike comes in. He spent the past 10 years creating and perfecting what was meant to be The Abundance Code.

The Abundance Code in a nutshell

It is a combination of a step-by-step personalized blueprint and several audio files meant to help you achieve mind serenity and guide you through a system that takes only 7 minutes a day to accomplish. The end result is attracting abundance in your life in a predictable way and lastly achieve whatever you might want.

Break down of the modules

Module 1: Crystal Clear Vision
Here you lay out exactly what you want. The quick-start guide gets you results in just 2 days, and then leverages that to propel you to your first major life goal 21 days later. I thought at first that “2 day” was a bold statement. But what he actually means is that you will know what you TRULY want in your first 2 days. This might seem like a lot. But when you think that most people don’t know what they really want after a life long effort, you can realize the value put into this module.

Module 2: Relax and Balance Your Mind
If there is a mess in your mind, then don’t expect your life to be anything else but a mess. It’s frightening but true. In this module you connect with the simplest way possible to relax your mind. It includes everything you need to make sure all parts of your mind are working in complete harmony.

Module 3: Visualize Your Goals with Passion
Emotions can be a strong weapon when used properly and this module helps you do just that. It shows the exact steps to add strong emotion to the mental picture of your desire, using the latest research from neuroscience. By easily adding deep passion to your goals, they will appear in your life with amazing speed.

Module 4: Daily Inspired Action Planner
Floating in theory often bring no results until you tie it with theory based action. This module practically creates your action plan for you using Mike’s trademarked “Abundance Planner Kit” giving you specific action plans inspired to affirm your commitment to achieving your goals with ease.

Module 5: Making Course Corrections
We don’t live in an absolute mathematical world where everything can be calculated beforehand without fail. And that is why corrections are often needed. Attracting abundance is not different. This module gives you instant laser focus, and brings you back on course, creating the shortest path to achieve your goals.

Module 6: The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Ever felt “empty”, unable to do anything because you feel sleepy all the time. Learning how to Tap into a your hidden stream of Energy is crucial. This updated form of EFT opens your energy, removing past blockages. EFT is a long-proven, scientifically-verified technique, done using your fingers to tap gently on your body’s acupuncture points, clearing away anything that’s holding your back (worth gold imho).

Module 7: Master Class in Big Goals (Lifebook)
This module is for long-term goals. Whether you want to start a business, raise a family, or change the world, this module let’s you make long-term goals and achieve them with precision.

Bonuses that come with The Abundance Code:

  1. Harmonized Whole Brain Thinking: It gets you into a relaxed state of mind at the push of a button with beautiful relaxing music over top of specialized calming notes, guiding you effortlessly to a relaxed, supercharged state of mind…
  2. Digital copy of The Science of Getting Rich: You get the digital-text and audio download versions so you can connect with it at any time, or any device.
  3. Digital copy of Napoleon Hill’s classic, “Think and Grow Rich”. This book is considered by many to be the best book ever written on creating a prosperous life.It comes with Mike’s exclusive, thoroughly researched, “Prosperity Roadmap Binder”, that includes tons of valuable information that you will use now and into the future.

The Abundance Code Price Point

Mike Evans decided to price his product at $37 (one time fee) which, imho, is a very reasonable price point. A dinner in good restaurant costs more but nothing remains of it after you’ve been a couple of times in the toilet.

The value of THIS product, however, increases over time the more you understand the system and apply it.

My Verdict

Mike Evan’s new product is up to my expectations but this doesn’t mean it is up to yours.

That being said, if you feel you could achieve more in your life but there has always been that missing thing to put you on the right track, then this course could help you.

If you feel like you haven’t accomplished anything significant in your life because you suffer low energy levels whenever you get to work, then Mike’s system could help you.

I always say “could” because what helps me might not fit somebody else. So the best way to go is check it out yourself.

Bottom line

You’ve got nothing to lose. Abundance Code comes indeed with an iron clad 60-Day money back guarantee and the name “Mike Evans” which stands for quality and over delivering.

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PS: If you don’t check The Abundance Code for anything else then do it at least to find out what burned up newspapers and YOU attracting abundance in your life have in common.

Here is a video version if you prefer watch and listening instead of reading:


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